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Headaches are one of the most common discomforts in the community. At every stage, the most frequent reason for referral is medicine.

The international headache association classified headaches;

A) Primary headaches:

Is a headache that is not associated with any disease. 90% of all headaches are in this group. Headache types in this group include:



2- Tension type headache

3- Cluster headache

4- Other primary headaches


B) Secondary headache:

It is the headache that develops due to the diseases that concern the nervous system or other systems. 10% of all headaches are in this group. Some of the reasons for secondary headache are:


1- Head and neck trauma related

2- Head and neck vascular diseases

3- Due to intracranial lesions

4- Infection related

5- Associated with psychiatric diseases

6- Relevant to drug and substance abuse

7- Associated with metabolic and systemic diseases


C) Cranial neuralgia, other headaches

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