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It is described as degeneration and degeneration in the joints of the neck spine. The source of the problem usually starts from the discs between the vertebrae and spreads to the surrounding tissues. The incidence increases with age.

The symptom of the disease is increased neck pain, pain spreading to the nape root and the scapula, limitation of neck movements, pain in the collar, numbness and sometimes weakness. Dizziness, impaired balance and rarely fainting.

Physical examination, restriction of neck movements, common neck tenderness is determined. According to the severity of the condition, neurological findings may accompany the diagnosis.

In the treatment, the quality of life is tried to be increased by controlling the pain and providing the range of motion. In addition to drug treatments, interventional pain treatments can also be performed for pain control. Facet joint injections, epidural injections, paravertebral injections, and nerve blocks may be applied. Besides physical treatments like TENS, ultrasound, laser, regular exercise and spa cures can be beneficial.

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