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  • We evaluate our patients with elbow pain by a detailed physical examination and ultrasonography in our clinic. After definitive diagnosis, we can apply all necessary treatments except surgery.
  • The most common causes of elbow pain are:
  • Tendinite and bursitis
  • Tennis elbow
  • Soft tissue bruises
  • Several squeeze syndromes
  • Women and shoulders pain reflected
  • inflammatory rheumatic diseases
  • Calcification

What is a tennis player's elbow?

  • It is a discomfort to the character due to the development of inflammation and edema due to the partial tearing of the muscles of the back of the elbow due to the excessive force of the hand wrist.
  • This name has been given for frequent tennis players. Symptoms include severe pain on the elbow with lifting and lifting something, weakness on the affected side.
  • Diagnosis is made with examination and ultrasonography.
  • In the early period of treatment, ice compressing, banding and bandaging, resting, anti-inflammatory drug, and dirseğe cortisone injection are applied. After the inflammation and pain have diminished, ESWT shock wave therapy, physical therapy and exercise program is started.
  • Chronicized tennis player elbow; If elbow pain does not last for 3-6 months despite all the treatments applied, it is called chronic tennis elbow. In such a case, the diagnosis must first be made again. The source of the pain can be attracted to EMG against the need for nerve impingement rather than the tennis elbow. If there is a doubt, the neck should be withdrawn. If there is no pain in the ejaculation, chronic tennis elbow treatment is started. Some of the treatments applied in this case are: Dirseğ PRP injection, dry needling therapy in the presence of tendon ultrasonography, manuel therapy, laser therapy.
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