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Facet joints are load-bearing joints located at the back of the vertebra. An overloading of the spine has the ability to distribute these loads when stress is encountered. Damage to the facet joints may occur due to calcification, slip or disk problems. Facet joint pain is more common in people with diabetes and in older people who need to work with cargo. Spinal cord is one of the major causes of canal narrowing. Because the facet joints form the back wall of the spinal canal. If the discs forming the anterior wall of the channel are accompanied by a herniation, the narrow channel designation is increased.

The most important feature of facet disease is standing loose pain. This pain decreases when the waist is twisted backward, when something heavy is lifted, or when it bends to the side, when it rests, when it sits down. Waist pain is spreading to the upper parts of the hips. Sometimes the shell can sometimes hit the back of the thigh. However, it usually does not go under the knee. Some patients may have pain in the night or pain in the morning. Waist arrest can be seen in the morning, not exceeding half an hour.

In the treatment of facet syndrome, medication and physical therapy methods are usually applied first, although the severity of the condition varies. Electrotherapy, manual therapy, massage, spa, acupuncture and regular exercise are recommended. In all cases, facet joint injections can be performed in patients whose symptoms do not improve. Facet joint injections should preferably be performed under imaging guidance.

In recent years, studies have shown that injections made into facet joints are sufficiently beneficial. Instead, blocking the nerve of the facet joint was found to be more beneficial. Radiofrequency nerve burning is very effective and safe in this regard.

In patients with facet joint calcification in our clinic, we perform radiofrequency nerve burning therapy under visualization with scopy. The results are pretty good.


Uzm Dr Ahmet SÜMEN - Facet Syndrome

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