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Istanbul Rheumatism and Pain Center was founded in Bakırköy by Dr Ahmet Sümen in 2013. Our goal is to eliminate the pain with the right diagnosis and to increase the maximum functional gain and quality of life.


Our Founder Ahmet Sümen established this center as a result of his extraordinary efforts and laborious scientific studies after the training of specialists and remedied  pain of thousands of patients.


Although many methods are used to diagnose painful conditions, the most important of them is physical and rheumatologic. This can only be done in the ideal way by physiotherapists who have received specialized training in rheumatism and musculoskeletal systems.


Dr. SEMEN is experienced specialist with authority in the world and in the world in the fields of EMG nerve test and joint ultrasound which should be absolutely necessary in developed and modern pain centers. EMG and joint ultrasound have a critical prescription in the diagnosis and treatment of difficult aches.


Under ultrasound and scopic imaging, needle-based pain treatment methods sometimes provide permanent and sometimes permanent treatment. These treatment methods are performed by our physiotherapy, pain and brain nerve surgery specialists.


Minimal surgical methods should be the priority for spinal disorders in which conventional treatments are inadequate. For this purpose we have coded Op Dr Ali Güven Yörükoğlu, who gives training to our country and to other doctors in many countries abroad with his knowledge and experience.

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Do not allow sports injuries, joint aches and musculoskeletal disorders to slow you down. Make an appointment today for the diagnosis from Bakırköy Ağrı Center and treat our pain and injuries from our first class experts. Lighten your severe pain and return to your active lifestyle.