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The goal in the treatment of headache is to reduce the severity of the pain and the frequency of attacks.

What drugs are used in the treatment of migraine?

Migraine treatment is evaluated in two groups. Acute and chronic migraine. Drug treatment comes first in the treatment of acute migraine attack. These drugs are painkillers, nausea and vomiting drugs, morphine derivatives, and migraine cravings. Migraine attack medications should only be taken when the crisis arrives or when they are noticed immediately, and migraine attacks should not be used at the end. After the migraine crisis has been successfully passed, it is passed on to long-term medicines. These medications are treatments to reduce the frequency and severity of migraine attacks, migraine attacks. This group includes antidepressant drugs, epilepsy drugs, Btx, pain relievers, vitamins.

Are there any non-drug treatments for migraine treatment?

It was observed that approximately 50% of the patients were successful when the non-drug treatment approaches were administered alone or together in the treatment of headache. There are many alternative methods of treatment other than drugs in the treatment of chronic migraine and tension type headaches. These methods can be effective in reducing migraine headaches, reducing the frequency of migraine attacks, increasing the person's ability to cope with stress and discomfort. Among these treatments are Btx , neural therapy, acupuncture, exercise and massage.

Btx in chronic migraine treatment

In recent years, studies on Btx  in migraine and tension type headache have been intensive. It stops the conduction between the nerve and muscle in the injected area for a long time and temporarily. After 2 weeks of application, the effect becomes maximal, the neurotransmission returns for 3-6 months, but the pain relief effect may be longer.

In studies conducted, the percentage of treatment termination due to side effects is low. So it can usually be applied safely. We inject about 15-20 points of head and neck as we know it beforehand. It seems to be a good alternative to chronic migraine and tension type headaches.

Neural therapy in chronic migraine treatment

Neural therapy is a method of injecting drugs into the subcutaneous tissues by diluting them with saline, which we call local anesthetic. It is one of the alternative treatment options in migraine treatment. Injection is made to the head, neck and some special points in the face. It is suggested that the nervous system is effective in introducing balance. Side effects are quite low. In our clinic, which is the most comprehensive pain clinic in Istanbul, we perform neural therapy in combination with acupuncture in the treatment of migraine.

Acupuncture in migraine treatment

Acupuncture, a method that can be effective in reducing stress in the treatment of migraine, especially in preventing the frequency of migraine attacks, is a traditional far eastern needling technique. It is argued that some of the special acupuncture points in our body are affected by some neural mechanisms that occur as a result of needle stimulation. Apart from migraine, tension is also successfully applied in conditions such as headache, fibromyalgia, muscle syndromes, chronic fatigue, mild depression. In our clinic, acupuncture treatment is carried out by a specialist doctor who is certified by the Ministry of Health. (Bakırköy Pain and Acupuncture Center - İstanbul, Uzm Dr Ahmet Sümen)

Stress coping and relaxation techniques in migraine treatment

For this purpose, regulations for improving the sleep quality of all patients, regular meals, regular exercise should be recommended. Recommendation to give up smoking and alcohol should be given psychological support. Biofeedback loosening techniques, physical therapy methods, massage, cold - hot applications are useful.

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