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Approach to foot joint inflections is not different from other joint infections. In many inflammatory rheumatic diseases, foot joints can be involved. Rheumatoid arthritis, reactive arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis.

Especially in 2 diseases, the foot joints are kept in the frontal plane. Reactive arthritis and gout arthritis.

Reactive arthritis occurs when antibodies that destroy a microbial entering the body attack and damage the foot joints by surprise. This infection can be caused by the agent, the urinary tract, the throat, or the toenails. A thorough examination, x-ray and ultrasound imaging, blood tests are required. In addition, culture can be performed if there is a region suspected of infection. For example, urine analysis, urine culture, microscopic evaluation of toenail fungi and culture. In reactive arthritis treatment, rest, ice application and anti - inflammatory drugs are given in acute - severe period. Antibiotic therapy can be started with controversy.

Gouty arthritis is a disease caused by an enzyme deficiency in protein metabolism that causes inflammation in the joints by accumulation of the substance called uric acid in the body. Those who consume too much meat, regular alcohol intake, high cholesterol levels and high risk of diabetes. The most common gout increase is the joint of the foot and shoulder. The patient wakes up with a severe pain, swelling, swelling and redness in the morning, or when a half of the night is full. Colostasis in the treatment of increased gout usually results in a rapid recovery and treatment. If you do not get enough, you may need to use cortisone. After severe joint inflammation has passed, treatment with lowering uric acid levels is passed.


Dr. Ahmet SÜMEN , MD - Foot joint inflammation

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