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The point shot method is an application aiming at the precise targeted treatment, especially in the treatment of spinal and joint problems. The most important criterion for this is the exact finding and treatment of the cause of the pain. Finding the cause of pain is the task of a trained specialist in this field. The specialist doctor should be able to know, apply and interpret diagnostic methods such as ultrasound and EMG (electromyography) without being dependent on imaging methods such as MR alone. Today, many scientific methods are used to find the cause of pain. Most important of these are physical and rheumatologic examination. Immediate evaluation with joint ultrasound and EMG after the examination is very important. Diagnosis of the majority of the patients is confirmed by examination, joint ultrasound and EMG.

Point shot at the lumbar radiculopathy

The treatment that gives the name to the point shot method is the foraminal injection that we made for the waist. For example, in MR images; In a patient with hernia at L4-5 and L5-S1 levels, we can make a point check with the needle to the most damaged nerve canal that we have detected in a detailed examination and EMG. Because a single hernia and nerve is treated, the drug we use is quite low and the chances of success are quite high. The treatment of the spinal cord point is absolutely done with the imaging device we call scopy.

Point shot at knee pain

Again, the most important criterion for the cause of knee pain is our examination. As a result of a careful and rigorous examination, you are likely to be approached. Imaging methods have become the most important supporter of ultrasonics today. With ultrasound, we can see soft tissues, inflammations, meniscus and cartilaginous tissue that we can not see in voyeur, and we can diagnose problems related to them. After confirming the diagnosis, we can also perform injection therapy with ultrasound guidance.

Point shot on shoulder pain

The most common cause of shoulder pain is problems caused by shoulder soft tissues. So ultrasound is very important in diagnosing shoulder problems. In a special case of the shoulder joint; dynamic shoulder evaluation. We can evaluate the shoulder joint in different positions and movements with ultrasonication. Example: Our patient, who had a shoulder pain that did not last for about 2.5 years, detected a tendency of tendon bursitis in the result of shoulder ultrasound and we performed the treatment with needle at the same time.

Other Pains

We apply a point shot method to the spine, knee and shoulder, as well as many tissues and inserts. Nervous blockage and imaging in the presence of non-traumatic intracranial masses and list of radiofrequency, occipital blockade in the treatment of resistant neck and headache, multiple cysts and ganglion therapy in ultrasound-guided interventions, nerve compression therapy in ultrasound-guided interventions ...

In summary;

Point shot; is a method and an example that covers the applications of the expert physician trained in finding the cause of the pain and applying the advanced therapies. Specialist who can perform advanced pain treatment methods with detailed physical and rheumatological examination, joint ultrasound, EMG nerve test, good MR knowledge, can collect all of these in one place. I can say this proudly and without hesitation that we are the example of the world, not only in our country.

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