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Patients with cerebral stroke (hemiplegia) often develop pain on the paralyzed shoulders. This pain has several causes. The most important and the most common reason we see is the shoulder. Because the muscles holding the shoulder joints do not work enough, the joint comes to a partial dislocation. Depending on this outcome, the joint mechanism also becomes deformed and painful. Apart from the shoulder, other causes such as tendon ruptures, frozen shoulder, and nerve damage can also cause paralyzed shoulder pain.

It is immediately noticed that the gap in the shoulder joint distance increases with manual examination. The active and passive movements of the shoulder are painful. X-ray and ultrasound may be useful in addition to diagnostic examination.

Patients and their relatives should be informed in order to prevent shoulder problems in paralyzed patients. From the time of the development of the stroke, the patient needs to be careful about moving and transferring.

The use of shoulder straps in treatment is controversial.

Electrical treatments and exercises used in physical therapy are useful.

Joints and joint peripheral injections made in imaging guidance are useful.

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