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Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA) is a type of inflammatory rheumatism of psoriasis patients, a skin disease. In psoriasis, the body's immune system begins to damage not only the skin cells but also the joints. The reason for this is still unknown. Some families have a genetic transition. Patients with psoriasis can develop psoriasis rheumatism in about one of them. The disease is seen at equal frequency in both men and women. One or more joints can be retained. If treatment is not performed properly or is delayed, it may cause permanent joint damage.

The most affected joints in psoriatic rheumatism are hand joints, ankle joints and spinal joints. As the disease progresses, it causes restriction of the movement of the spine and the shape changes on the hands and toes. As a result of inflammation in the areas where the muscles are sticking to the bones, pain develops in these areas.

A detailed and careful examination is essential for the diagnosis of psoriasis rheumatism. The history of the patient's psoriasis, the appearance of the psoriasis skin lesions in the examination, together with the findings of the joint accompanied by the diagnosis strengthens the diagnosis. In addition to the examination, joint ultrasound evaluation is important. Because the diagnosis of joint inflammation can be seen immediately during examination. Some x-rays and imaging methods such as MR, CT may also be necessary. Blood tests should be done routinely. It both helps the diagnosis and gives an idea of the seriousness of the situation.

In the treatment of psoriasis rheumatism, powerful drugs are given to stop rheumatism. These drugs are very important to follow. Patients should be checked regularly for both the effect of the drug and side effects. Still, it's impossible to talk about a definite treatment as it is in the majority of inflammatory rheumatisms. The disease is seen with exacerbation and silent periods. The longer the silent period, the less joint damage.

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