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Trigger Point Injection

The trigger point is a discomfort to the character by the breakdown of the microstructure of muscle tissue into a harder tissue, fibrotic tissue. When it occurs, a minor muscle injury plays an important role. This can be a sudden bruise, or it can be due to slow development. The best example of slow trauma is stress induced muscle tension. If the muscle is constantly stretched and tortuous, it causes the formation of a sharp spot. Except for stress and mechanical strains, trigger point can also develop due to nerve root damage. The most well-known example of this is the trigger points on the neck and back muscles, the result of which the nerve root presses on the nerve root. Damage to the hernia root by the hernia leads to a sustained stimulation of the neck and back muscles of the nerve, which usually results in the formation of a trigger point that is resistant to treatment. The most important feature of trigger points caused by the neck stiffness is that the treatment is resistant.

What are the characteristics of a classic trigger point?

The trigger point is treated as a hard nodule in the muscle. Severe pain is heard when you step on it. Trigger points in the neck and back region usually restrict the movement of the cervical vertebrae. By tapping the finger over the skin of the trigger point, a muscularisation occurs giving the name of the response. This chanting response is visible. It is not seen in every patient, but when seen, the trigger is considered to be the definitive proof of the shots.

Where are the trigger points located?

The most common places are the neck and back muscles. Other than that, it can be seen in the shoulder, elbow, waist, hip and knee regions.

There are many methods in the treatment of trigger point. The best known are:

  1. Trigger point injection
  2. Dry needling to trigger point
  3. Acupuncture
  4. Spray stretching technique
  5. Massage
  6. Pressure application
  7. Drug treatments
  8. Physical therapy methods

Trigger point injection is based on the principle of injecting a local anesthetic drug into the trigger point. This treatment is usually very successful and provides a rapid recovery. Dry needling and acupuncture are injected into the trigger point without using the drug. The spray stretching technique is based on the extreme stretching of the trigger point by squeezing the coolant spray over the skin to the trigger point region. Massage and pressure application techniques can also be successful when applied correctly.

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