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Frozen shoulder syndrome is a chronic discomfort manifested by pain and limitation of movement in the shoulder joint. It usually starts with a damage on the tendons of the shoulders and affects the shoulder joint over time. It is more frequent in type 2 diabetes patients but may be herbaceous.

The most important symptom of frozen shoulder disease is painful limitations in shoulder movement. The handle can not be lifted up and the hand can not be taken in the back. When the patient tries to move his shoulder, he or she feels severe pain. Sometimes it can feel a friction.

Set with diagnosis, examination and imaging methods. Frozen shoulder is a clinical diagnosis. That is, the frozen shoulder is diagnosed only by examination. Other methods can be used as an adjunct. Joint ultrasound and magnetic resonance help to diagnose.


The place of physical therapy is very important in the treatment of frozen shoulder disease. If it is applied effectively, it is possible to make the shoulder joint movements return to normal. During physiotherapy, the patient is given passive exercises and exercise program is given at home. In addition to physical therapy, pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs are also prescribed. It is also beneficial to apply ice syrup 3-4 times a day for 15 minutes.

During physiotherapy against frozen shoulder disease, very severe pain develops in many patients. For this reason, the patient is resistant to the movements physiotherapists are trying to perform during physical therapy. This resistance leads to further pain.

Dull Shoulder Treatment

In the treatment of frozen shoulder pain and range of motion are maintained, besides physical therapy, interventional pain treatment methods are applied. The most important of these are:

  • Viscosupplementation
  • intraaricular cortisone
  • intraarticular hydrotreatment
  • Suprascapular nerve block

In these methods, intra-articular hydrodissection, intra-articular cortisone, local anesthetic and saline combination are given. This combination causes both pain reduction and stretching of the joint membrane. This increases the chances of success of physical therapy. During the same intervention, the nerves carrying the sensation of the shoulder joint are temporarily disabled. In the course of time, the use of radio waves-like currents called "pulsed radiofrequency" has begun.

In the treatment of frozen shoulder, our recommendation, the interventional treatments for pain and limitation of movement should be done at the same time; followed by a quality physical therapy program and exercise and continuity. For this purpose, shoulder nerve blockage in ultrasound guidance, and hydrodissection in front and back of the shoulder joint under ultrasound or scopi imaging, is the most appropriate approach.

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