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Our feet carrying the burden of our bodies are one of the joints exposed to the greatest pressure. For this reason, the risk of injury due to traumatic causes is higher than other joints.

When evaluating foot and ankle problems, we often take advantage of advanced techniques such as ultrasonography and MR, with careful examination and occasionally only x-ray film is sufficient. The joint ultrasound, which developed especially in recent years, is very effective when it is done by an experienced physician. Patients with foot pain in our clinic are primarily evaluated with ultrasonography, and despite the ultrasonography, X-ray and MR are required if necessary. It is necessary to perform walking analysis and pay attention to the shoe preferences of the patient.

In the treatment of foot problems, besides pain and inflammation medications, ultrasonic assisted injections, ancillary devices such as insoles or splints, physical therapy methods, massage, manual therapy, kinesiological banding, ESWT, laser are applied.

Some of the causes of foot and heel pain include:

- Heel Spur

- Plantar fasciitis

- Arthritis (arthritis)

- Traumatic causes

- Deformities

- Achilles tendon injury

- Tendinite and bursitis

- Foot bone diseases

- Nerve Compression (Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome)

- Morton Neuroma

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