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  • Hip joint osteoarthiritis is a major health problem that affects up to 4% of individuals over the age of 65 and can be crippled if it progresses. The main conditions that cause calcification are:
  •  Age; The most important and the most common reason we see is the age.
  •  Trauma; Many years after falling on the hip or similar traumas, it may cause deterioration of the hip joint, that is, arthritis.
  •  Congenital or post-emergence hip dislocations; Hip dislocations can occur because the hip bone is not exactly in the nest or over time. It is more common in girls. If it is not treated on time, it is primarily and often on the side of dislocation; After that, calcification may develop on the solid side.

 Regional bone erosion (avascular necrosis); In some patients, depending on the use of cortisone, in some cases due to reasons not fully understood can dissolve in the hip joint bone. If this melt progresses, it causes deterioration of the joint.

 What are the indications of hip joint calcification?

 The most important symptom is inguinal pain. This pain decreases with the movement of the hip joint, with walking, with rest. Pain usually spreads to the front of the stomach, onto the knee. There is stiffness and stiffness that lasts about half an hour in the morning. The person is forced to get up from where he is sitting.

 How is the diagnosis done?

 It should be remembered that there may be a problem in hip joints in patients with pain in the groin and thigh. A detailed examination is necessary to understand this. If the hip joint problem is suspected, it should be examined by x-ray and / or MR.

  • Treatment
  •  Treatment should first reduce the load on the hip joint. Most of the time you need to use a cane for this. Some rheumatic medicines can be given to reduce the pain. Cortisone injections for hip joints in conjunction with ultrasound and scopi are also very effective for relieving pain. Methods used in the treatment of hip joint calcification:
  •  Reducing load using a walking stick
  •  Rheumatic drugs
  •  Intraarticular cortisone injection
  •  Intra-articular injection
  •  Radiofrequency nerve burn treatment for joint nerves
  •  Intraarticular hyaluronic acid treatment
  •  Physical therapy and exercise
  •  Spa
  •  Alternative medicine methods (Still controversial)
  •  Surgery (prosthesis)

Important note: It has been shown that limescale operations alone do not benefit the treatment of hip and knee arthritis. When the time comes, surgery is the most appropriate surgical procedure.

 In our clinic, we can perform all the necessary treatments outside of the surgery for joints of the hip joints with ultrasound and scopi.



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