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What is Neural Therapy?

Neural therapy is basically injection with local anesthetic drugs. Because of the places where injections are made, the body acts on the autonomic nervous system and initiates the work of healing mechanisms. It aims to restore the old nervous system to the old balance again. It is applied in many countries, especially Germany.

The definition of neural therapy or neural therapy is used to mean that it has an effect on the nervous system for recovery. Neural therapies provide healing by regulating and stimulating effects on the autonomic nervous system. At the base of our illnesses and past aches are the accumulation of damage in the autonomic nervous system. This leads to microbial diseases, surgery, accidents, physical and psychological traumas that we have been experiencing throughout our lives. The communication network in that area is affected when our tonsils are inflamed, decayed and we have dental treatment, or after cesarean section. Life-long permanent damage can be avoided. These damages are the basis of our later developing diseases. Correction of communication disorder is corrected by neural therapy in the damaged area of the skin. Neural therapy does not use the anesthetic effect of the local anesthetic agent.

Who can apply?

Neural therapy, which can be used as an effective treatment for major pain disorders, organs and hormonal disorders of the organs; Neural therapy can be applied to patients of all ages, including children and the elderly. Blood pressure, sugar, heart, etc. diseases and medicines used by the patient do not prevent treatment. In patients who only use cortisone, the efficacy of the treatment decreases because the body is totally suppressed. Certain applications should be treated with caution when using the blood-thinning coumadin. Generally, there are no drawbacks to the applications made on the skin. Myasthenia Graves patients do not receive neural therapy.

How is it applied?

Neural therapy is an injection therapy. In addition to the needles made on the skin, the organs are applied to all wound and surgical traces of the body. Joint discomfort may require intra-articular applications. Small, small insulin needle tips are usually used in practice.

Neural Therapy What is the healing process? How long is the treatment period?

Neural therapy is a therapeutic approach to the direct source of the disease. This approach is far more effective and straightforward than conventional treatments. Neural therapy provides a successful treatment for all pain, especially migraine. Neural Therapy can be applied in varying forms and durations depending on the patient's underlying disturbing areas and the relationship with the disease. The disturbing area that causes some diseases is single and typical. Treatment is done in sessions. 2-3 sessions standard can be applied per week. However, it can also be done intermittently. There are treatments that sometimes spread even on a monthly basis. The duration of treatment does not exceed 10 sessions in general, with patient-specific changes.

Does Neural Therapy Have Side Effects?

Neural Therapy, considered a natural treatment, is not a drug treatment. The short-acting local anesthetic material on the needles is used as a warning on the autonomic nervous system. When the needle is not made on the skin, this warning spreads through the nerve network and all of the nerve damage that has remained is corrected bioelectrically.

The side effects of neural therapy applied in the west, which is over 80 years old, are too few to be tested. If the patient has a known allergy due to the medication used, the procedure should not be performed.

In which diseases is it applied?

  • Pain treatment (Fibromyalgia, Soft tissue rheumatism)
  • Migraine
  • Neck, back and back pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Headache
  • Neuralgia, facial paralysis
  • Sports injuries
  • Psoriasis
  • Arrival
  • Nerve jams
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