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Achilles tendon injuries are the most common and most important cause of the pain seen behind the heel. Achilles tendon is one of the strongest tendons in our body. It can withstand loads of about 400 kg. Although so powerful, the Achilles tendon may tear in the athlete or in the elderly. Especially in carpet field soccer competitions, the risk of tearing of the tendon of the Achilles tend to be higher. Without tears in the torn, injuries and inflammations can be seen. Inflammation of the Achilles tendon is common in inflammatory rheumatism, such as ankylosing spondylitis.

When damage to the Achilles tendon occurs, it usually manifests itself with pain behind the heel. As you walk, the pain becomes aggravated. Walking at the tip of the finger is difficult and painful.

In patients with Achilles tendonitis, morning pain is evident. It may become stiff, it may sound crackling at the examination. When the achill tendon is stretched, the pain of the patient increases.

Achilles tendon may develop as a complete or partial tear. If there is pain and obvious loss of power, the complete tear should come to mind.

The inflammation of the stomachs that we call the bursa behind the heel can also cause pain in this region (bursitis). There is more risk in wearing unsuitable shoes.

When diagnosing Achilles tendon problems, it is most helpful in diagnosis, x-ray and ultrasonography. Some patients may require MR. In our clinic, we can perform both diagnosis and treatment with joint ultrasound quickly.

In the treatment of Achilles tendon injuries, inflammation and pain relief medications, rest, appropriate protective cushions and pads, kinesiological banding, physical therapy and regenerative treatments are applied. Cortisone injection is not appropriate for the Achilles tendon.


Dr. Ahmet SÜMEN - Achilles Tendinitis

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