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What is Gut?

Gout is a type of joint inflammation that causes joint pain, swelling, and redness. It is known as the Kingdom's disease or rich disease. It occurs as a result of the body's reaction to uric acid, which is more than normal in the body. Most toes are involved in the joint of the thumb. It can also be seen in other joints of the foot and knee joint.

'' Gout is most common in the toe joint ''

 Who is at Risk?

People with diabetes are at increased risk for diabetes, high cholesterol, diuretic and low-dose aspirin, men and their family with gut disease, alcohol intake, constant red meat consumption, shellfish consumption.

'' Especially high protein diet and alcohol increases gout risk ''

Symptoms of Gut Disease

The most important symptom of gout disease is severe pain and swelling in the joint. Disease is silent when there is no inflammation of the joints. A typical gout patient is one who is overweight and regularly consumes alcohol at the age of 40-50. Acute gout attacks are usually triggered by an infection or trauma. Diuretic drugs can trigger triggers when using low-dose aspirin.

Gut Recognition

Diagnosis findings, x-rays, joint ultrasound, joint fluid analysis and blood tests are performed. Uric acid levels are important in blood tugs. Uric acid levels were above normal in most patients. The uric acid crystals to be detected as a result of the needle infusion of the joint and the analysis of this evacuated inflammatory fluid by microscope confirm the diagnosis of gut disease. It should not be forgotten that herbaceous gut disease with high uric acid level may not develop.

"The precise diagnosis of gut disease is made by the appearance of uric acid crystals in fluid from the joint"

Gout Treatment

Gout therapy is considered under two main headings. Acute exacerbation treatment and chronic period therapy. In the treatment of acute gout arthritis, rheumatic medications are given to relieve cold, rest and relieve inflammation. Thanks to this treatment, joint pain and swelling are reduced and over time. After the acute crisis has passed, drugs that lower the level of uric acid are used. Weight gain, alcohol should not be taken.



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