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Sjögren's Syndrome is a rheumatic disease that affects the immune system that is affected by the exocrine glands. It occurs when the body's immune system somehow attacks and damages its own cells with a target confusion. In Sjögren's syndrome, the immune system is most damaging to exocrine glands, saliva, tears, lower and upper respiratory tract glands. Therefore, the most important indication of the disease is the mouth and the eye. In addition, musculoskeletal system with many internal organ involvement can occur. The disease, as it can be seen on its own, can be seen with other inflammatory rheumatisms. It is 8-10 times more common in females.

Symptoms of Sjögren Syndrome

  • The most important sign is the mouth and the eye. In addition, throat, vaginal dryness, dry skin can also be.
  • Pain, swelling, stiffness in joints.
  • Skin foundation.
  • Constant fatigue.
  • Continuous dry cough.
  • Lower and upper respiratory tract infections.

Diagnosis of Sjögren's Syndrome

Some blood tests, images for painful joints may be needed for diagnosis.

A 'schrimer test' is performed for the eye eye.

For the oral cavity, saliva test is performed.

Biopsy from salivary glands is also helpful.

Sjögren Syndrome Treatment

The main treatment is drugs that stop rheumatism. With them, the progression of the disease is slowed down or stopped. In addition, protective measures should be taken for mouth and eyebrows. For example, it is important to use eyedrops for the eyelid. Care should be taken in oral hygiene in the prevention of tooth decay.

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