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Post-surgical pain syndrome is the recurrence or recurrence of patient complaints following lumbar operations. It is one of the most important causes of chronic low back pain. It is one of the most common disorders in centers that deal with chronic pain. There are many reasons. These reasons vary according to the postoperative time.

Immediately after surgery, your pain never goes away:

• Misdiagnosis

• Patient expectation is too high

• Wrong surgical technique

Repetition of pain after days of surgery:

• Surgical side effects (infection, hematoma, etc.)

• Recurrent hernia

• Weakness in the back muscles

The recurrence of pain after weeks of surgery:

• Repetition

• Occurrence of hard tissue (scar) at the operation site

• False calcification

Repetition of pain after months or years of surgery:

• Repeated or newly formed hernia

• Spinal Stenosis

• Spondylolistesis

 Some imaging modalities and blood tests may be required to confirm diagnosis in patients with post-surgical pain syndrome. The most useful test for this purpose is the MR shot. Scintigraphy and drug MR may be required at the differential diagnosis. EMG withdrawal is useful because it displays functional nervous status. It is also often necessary and useful to see blood tests of inflammatory markers.

 Treatment of post-surgical pain syndrome begins with finding the source of pain. After the source of the pain is detected correctly, the treatments for the cause will increase the chances of success. As we have mentioned on the table above, there are many causes of pain.

The most commonly used methods are;

• Epidural injections (needle to needle)

• Radiofrequency thermocoagulation (nerve burning)

• Epidural lysis, epiduroscopy (try to open the adhesions at the surgery site with a laser)

• Rehabilitation and physical therapy

• Alternative methods such as electroacupuncture

• Exercises

• Psychological support

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