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  1. The most important feature of hip joint problems is that the pain spreads from the crotch to the string. Therefore, it should be distinguished from other disturbances, such as lumbar spine and knee calcification, which cause inguinal and knee pain. The most important thing to do to distinguish this is a careful examination.
  2. Some of the tricky things about hip pain need to be known in particular. These points are summarized as follows:
  3. Early detection of congenital and developmental hip dislocations in children is very important. For this purpose, a newborn hip ultrasonography should be performed and checked for 1 month.
  4. The groin and leg facial aches that occur with walking in children may be due to erythema of the hip bone, which is indicated by walking on the child. Early diagnosis of this disease is very important.
  5. In adults, pain on the front of the groin and thigh that occurs during walking indicates that there may be a problem in the hip joint.
  6. People with long-term or high-dose cortisone with inflammatory rheumatism or some other reason may experience bone erosion in the hip joint. Care should be exercised if there is pain in the groin and thigh that occurs with walking in such cases.
  7. There is a risk of broken bone in the hip bone attached to the bone. It is useful for women who have entered menopause in terms of bone formation to be knowledgeable about this issue.
  8. Patients with decompensation or subsequent hip dislocation are inevitably developing calcification in the hip joints if not treated in time. This calcification progresses over time and restricts the movement of the person. At the end, surgery is usually required. With the treatments that can be performed before the operation, the quality of life of the patient is increased and the pain is tried to be eliminated.

Some diseases that affect the hip joint:

  • Calcification (osteoarthritis, coxarthrosis)
  • Avasculer Necrosis
  • Developmental hip disorders
  • Bone marrow (Osteoporosis)
  • Femoroacetabular impingement (FAI)
  • Inflammatory rheumatism (arthritis)

 What do we do in our clinic in the treatment of hip joint calcification?

  • Injection of hyaluronic acid into the hip joint with ultrasound and scopi
  • PRP injection in the hip joint with ultrasound guidance
  • Intraarticular cortisone or radiofrequency flow for hip joint pain
  • Physical Therapy applications
  • Prolotherapy in and around the joint
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