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The most common type is headache. It can be seen in all ages but it is more common in women between 20-40 years. It is often the same violence on both sides of the head. The feeling of having a tight band around the head is described as pressure, pressure, clamping, bursting. Pain can increase or decrease within days, or it can last for weeks, weeks, and years. It can be seen at the root of the neck, in jokes or at the front of the head.

A new onset tension-type headache may not show any symptoms on the examination. In chronic tension headaches, however, there may be tenderness in the neck muscles, limitation in neck movements, sensitivity to temples and hairy deepness.

Conditions such as psychological stress, anger and aggression, repressed resentment can cause tension-type headache. However, since these conditions can also develop due to chronic pain, it is not always possible to distinguish between pain and stress.

Some drugs, interventional treatment methods and physical methods are applied in the treatment of tension headache. Simple painkillers, rheumatic drugs, depression and some neurological drugs can be used.

Trigger point injections, occipital nerve blockade and radiofrequency, btx injections, neural therapy, dry needling and acupuncture can be performed from interventional treatments.

Relaxing exercises such as massage, manual therapy, physical therapy applications, biofeedback, yoga, taichi can be beneficial from physical methods to relax the head and neck muscles.


Dr. Ahmet SÜMEN , MD

Interventional Physiatry

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