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It is a pain caused by soft tissues around the neck spine or spine. As a result of overexcitation of the occipital nerve that protrudes from the spinal cord to the skull from the right and left nape root, the pain spreads from the neck to the head.

This type of headache is usually unilateral and increases with neck movements. There is significant pain and tenderness in the examination when you press the neck.

Causes of neck-induced headache include collision and trauma to neck region, calcification of joints in neck spine, excessive stretching of neck muscles due to intensive computer use.

Drug and physical methods should be tried first in treatment. Therapies such as painkillers, muscle relaxants, massage, relaxation exercises, acupuncture, physical therapy methods can be successful in the near vicinity of the patients.

The most effective method to perform these treatments in patients who do not have complaints is nerve blockage. Single or bilateral blockage of the nuchal root nerve is very useful. Nerve blockage is a treatment that disables nerve conduction, but does not cause a serious injury to the normal function of the nerve. If nerve blockage is performed by imaging under ultrasound guidance, the risk of effect is low while the success rate is higher. Low-dose anesthetic medication and radiofrequency flow therapy are included in the blockade treatment of the nuchal root nerve. After this administration, the neck and headache of a large part of the patients are significantly reduced or completely disappeared.

Regular neck exercises after injection may prevent recurrence of pain.

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