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Patellofemoral pain syndrome is the leading cause of pain in the knee cap. In this condition, the balance between the knee cap and the knee muscles is disturbed. Due to this deterioration, thinning and wounds develop in the cartilaginous tissue under the knee cap over time. There can be many reasons for the imbalance between the knee cap and the muscles. Dislocations of the kneecap, weakness of the knee muscles, traumas may cause this.

The most important symptom of the disease is the pain and irritation that develops before the knee. This pain often increases with sitting for long periods. So long journeys can become unbearable. There may be difficulty in staying from where you sit, sound coming from the knees, sometimes stuck, stiffness, stiffness. Movement of the knee cap is painful at the time of the examination.

Inspection is often enough to diagnose. However, the angle of the knee cap can be measured with some X-ray films. You can look at the status and severity of the opening on the kneecap. MR imaging is the most useful method. The changes in the tissue of the cartilage of the knee cap with MR can be seen in more detail. The joint ultrasound we have developed in recent years is also very useful.

In treatment; strengthening of the knee muscles is absolutely necessary. A special exercise program is organized for this. Rheumatoid medications can be helpful in reducing pain. Some cartilage-feeding medicines are also frequently prescribed. Physical therapy and massage can also be effective. Intraarticular cartilage nutrient medication, fluid fortification,  therapy and prolotherapy may be beneficial for improving cartilage damage. It is sometimes necessary and beneficial to use a short knee brace.

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