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Physical therapy is the use of physical methods in the treatment of diseases. Some of these physical methods are: electricity, ultrasound, laser, hot, cold, needle and exercise. Rehabilitation, on the other hand, is the word in its entirety to show that one can get old health and old health from the time of illness. In the daytime Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation is one of the main branches of medicine. His main interests are pain, rheumatic diseases, paralytic diseases and athletic health.

The main methods used in physical therapy;

Electrical Treatments: Fiziyatride is the most important pain reliever in the use of electrical therapy. The effects of your hand on the body have been well known for a long time. In addition to the pain relief effect, we are also often injured by the ability to strengthen muscles when used at different frequencies and currents.

Ultrason Therapy: Ultrason waves are used for treatment as well as for imaging. It is mostly used as part of physiotherapy. Ultrasonics cause warming in deep tissues like muscle, bone, tendon, and increase flexibility and mobility of these tissues.

Laser Therapy: A laser is a physical agent that can be a trigger initiator effect in tissues. As the light of a certain wavelength penetrates the tissue for a certain period, it initiates biological changes in the applied tissue. It has been successfully applied in many fields of medicine for many years.

Hot-Cold Treatments: There is an effect of enhancing blood flow, relieving muscles and thus relieving pain in the region where heat is applied. If it is cold, especially acute period is used in tissue damages. It is also one of the effective methods for resolving over-hardened muscles.

Other devices and methods we use in Physical Therapy;

  • Traction
  • Paraffin
  • Infrared
  • Short wave diathermy
  • Radar
  • Magnetic field
  • Biofeedback
  • Contrast Bath
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