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In recent years, back pain is one of the most common health problems we have encountered. More than two thirds of adults live back pain problems at least once during their lifetime. It causes deterioration of the quality of life as well as serious economic loss of business power.

There are many pain-sensitive structures in our vertebrate. Pain may occur as a result of the influence of ligaments, fibers, muscles, bones, facet joints, discs and nerve roots. The cause of pain can be mechanical, metabolic, rheumatic, infectious and tumoral.

If the duration of pain is less than 6 weeks, it is considered as chronic if it lasts longer than 3 months. As the period of pain becomes excessively chronic, the treatment becomes increasingly difficult, the treatment costs increase, and the quality of life of the patient decreases and the loss of work power increases.

The spread of the pain is also very helpful to the diagnosis. While the painful bruising pain may be due to a lumbar puncture that may lead to possible nerve impairment, pain that does not go under the knee can be due to mechanical difficulties or problems with sacroiliac joints. In addition, the pain of some pathologies related to internal organs can be felt in the waist region. For example, stomach ulcer, gall bladder infection, kidney stones.

The relationship of pain to waist movements is also very important. Lumbar pain, which increases with movement and decreases with rest, is mostly due to mechanical reasons. On the contrary, in other words, the increasingly painful and decreasing type of pain indicates inflammatory rheumatism. Especially in the morning when there are complaints such as stiffness in the waist movements and these complaints last for 1-2 hours, it is necessary to suspect inflammatory rheumatism.

In a patient with low back pain, we need to keep an eye on the emergency situations we call red flags. If symptoms such as fatigue, fever, etc. with symptoms such as infectious diseases, excessive weight loss, excessive night sweats and symptoms such as fatigue and fever are suspected, the spinal cord should be considered as a surgeon if there is a condition such as weakness, not walking, urine and big abdomen in sudden and fast developing limbs.

When there are so many reasons that can cause back pain, it is necessary to carry out a careful and detailed examination and to download the most possible diagnoses and ask for the most accurate examinations. The methods we use most often for diagnosis are x-ray, MRI, EMG and blood tests.

Causes of back pain we treated;

- Hernia discal

- Spinal stenosis

- Spondilosis

- Mechanical back pain

- Facet joint syndrome

- Pain syndrome after surgery

- Degenerative disc disease

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