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Pain Reflected On The Shoulder

The pain felt in the shoulder region, but reflected in the pain that the main source of the problem is another region. Knowing the reflected pain is very, very important in terms of determining the actual cause of the pain. In patients with no significant pathology in shoulder mucosa and imaging methods, it is necessary to investigate the causes of pain reflected from outside the shoulder.

The causes of pain reflected around the shoulder area:

  • Neck hernia (especially C4-5 hernia pain felt on the shoulder)
  • Heart attack (especially those with a new left shoulder pain)
  • Lung tumors (The tumors in the upper part of the lung sometimes show only with shoulder pain.)
  • Stomach, food borne and biliary diseases may also cause pain that sometimes hits the shoulder.
  • Tearing in the aorta.

Patient examples:

1- After about 4 months of bruising due to right shoulder pain, many of our patients who had seen numerous medical treatments applied to us for complaints. There was no significant abnormality on her examination and shoulder ultrasound. When we take EMG nerve test, we see; there is damage to the lower neck nerves. When we thought of the most probable cases of damage to these nerves, we decided to have a pulmonary MR sling. As a result, we detected a lung tumor in the size of a ping-pong ball in the right upper lung area.

2- Our patient, who had a new onset of left shoulder pain of about 3 days, had a slight tendon lesion in the shoulder ultrasound. We noticed that the pulse rate was normally low when the patient was doing preparatory and general checks to inject. First of all, we suggested that he should appear to the cardiologist. A few hours later we learned that the patient was really having a heart attack. We thought that shoulder pain was pain reflected from the cup. Our patient has got well with the successful treatment of the heart doctors.

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