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Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a disturbance that causes pain and numbness in the hand and in the hand. This is more common in women, but it can also occur in men. The KTS worsens due to excessive use of the wrist.

• Carpal tunnel is a tunnel formed by eight small bones and various ties on the ankle. The carpal tunnel passes through the tendons of the hand and the median nerve. These tendons allow the crotch muscles to hold onto the fingers and finger movements are provided by contraction of the muscles. There is also a nerve in the carpal tunnel called the median nerve, which senses and moves the part of the hand.

Tendons, ligaments and median nerves work in harmony on a healthy ankle. But as the structures inside the tunnel expand, the median nerve is under pressure and the patient feels pain, numbness and tingling in the fingers, the wrist and the arm. This condition is called the Carpal Tunnel Disease.

• In carpal tunnel disease, numbness, burning and tingling are the most common manifestations of one or more fingers, except for the little finger. Pain and numbness may occur at any time of day, but often occur at night and wake the patient from sleep. From time to time, the pain can go right to the arm, up to the shoulder and even the neck and neck. Hand tightening, massaging or keeping it high can reduce the pain.

Various conditions can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. The main ones are:

• Tendon inflammation and edema

• Wrist fractures and dislocations

• injuries causing crush on the wrist

• Rheumatoid arthritis

• Diabetes

• Median nerve thickening

• Tumors

• Hypothyroidism (low activity of the thyroid gland)

• pregnancy

• It can be ordered as long time using an armchair and carrying weight in the palm of your hand.


The diagnosis is made by examination and EMG test. In recent years, musculoskeletal ultrasonography has also begun to be used for diagnosis. In our clinic, we first look at our patients 

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