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The most common cause of shoulder pain is injuries to the shoulder tendons. These injuries can be seen in different forms, such as a simple tear, complete tear or tendon calcification (calcific tendinitis). The cause of tendon ruptures; it is due to sudden strain or sports injuries in young people and tendon and joint degeneration in old age.

The tendon ruptures of the shoulder tend to develop due to the compulsive and long-lasting activities that occur most often when the arm is up. While the arm is over 90 degrees, the feeding of the shoulder tendons is disturbed. The tendon weakness, which does not get enough blood and oxygen, develops and tears afterwards.

As the tendon damage progresses, the tendon leads to a chronic period. These symptoms may include tendon thickening, chronic inflammation of the tendon joint, and complete rupture.

The most important of the injuries that cause injury to the shoulder tendons are:

  • Shoulder Stiffness Syndrome (Impingiment Syndrome)
  • Rotator Cuff Tears
  • Calcific Tendinopathy (Tendon calcification)

The most important step in diagnosing shoulder tendon injuries is physical examination. Diagnosis is very likely to be diagnosed. Imaging methods that we make the most of to ensure diagnosis; X-ray, ultrasound and MR.

The treatment of tendon injuries depends on the degree of damage. A new lightweight tendon injury may be adequate for short-term rest, anti-inflammatory medication and exercise. As the severity and duration of the damage increases, the treatment process becomes more complicated. In more severe and chronic illnesses, imaging guidance may require inflammatory and anti-edema injections, other techniques to help heal, such as prolotherapy. Patients in this period often need a quality physical therapy and rehabilitation program. Surgery is rarely needed in patients who do not benefit from any treatment.

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