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The most causes of foot pain are the ankle injuries. Ankle sprain is one of the problems we all have in a while of our lives. What should we pay attention when we have ankle sprain?

First of all, the direction of the sprain is important. The most common type of buckling is the inward rotation of the ankle. The outer side bonds are damaged or torn.

-The out-of-round rotation of the wrist increases the risk of fracture of the foot bones in the resulting sprains, so orthopedic vision is necessary in such injuries. Such sprains constitute 5% of all sprains.

When the wrist sprains are twisted, there is swelling, edema, increased temperature and pain in the foot.

What should we do when our ankle sprained?

First of all, it is necessary to apply ice. Ice is effective in reducing swelling and pain. Should not be pressed on, the leg should be resting as above. Foot - ankle bandage should be applied.

- When can we walking? We can walk comfortably when the pressure on the foot is getting worse.

- Once in a while, the risk of twisting your leg repeatedly increases.

Foot-to-ankle exercises must be done to prevent recurrence.

- Patients with recurrent ankle sprain (foot instability) require a serious and long-term rehabilitation program. In these patients, regenerative therapies may be applied to reinforce and visualize ankle ligaments. Prolotherapy, PRP, neural therapy methods can contribute to the treatment. Ultrasonographic treatment of the treatments will be more effective and safe.


Dr. Ahmet SÜMEN, MD - Foot Pain


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