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Shoulder tendon calcification is a painful discomfort to the character with the accumulation of lime in the shoulder tendons. The cause is not known exactly. It is probably due to a disorder in healing mechanisms following a tendon injury. Roughly, when the body is trying to heal the damaged tendon, it may be trying to close it with lime tissue, not normal tissue.

The lime texture deposited on the tundra can reach up to 3-4 cm in size from the millimeter. The indication of tendon calcification is pain, temperature increase and tenderness felt around the shoulder and around. Over time it may restrict shoulder movements.

Some patients may not cause any complaints. These patients do not require a specific treatment. Patients with pain include pain relievers, anti-inflammatory drugs, taking in the abdomen, ultrasound or scrape-guided lime cleansing injections, cortisone injection, physical therapy.

ESWT shock wave therapy developed in recent years is also effective. It is adapted for the musculoskeletal system disorders of the kidney stone breaking device.

Exercise and physical therapy methods for joint movements may be needed in patients with chronic turnover. If the complaints of the patient do not go through all these methods and if they deteriorate the quality of life, surgical treatment is applied.

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