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The supraspinatus tendon, the most important tendon of the shoulder, is trapped between the bones forming the shoulder joint. As a result of this compression, tendon and tendon tend to damage the protective cushion called bursa.

Shoulder impingement syndrome may develop due to structural and functional causes. Structural reasons; (osteophyte), osteoarthiritis, ligament injuries, and false fracture in the bones that form the shoulder joint. The reasons for function are; Curvature of the tendon on the tendon (type 3 acromion), muscle weakness, tension in the joint capsule, and chronic tendon tears.

The most important symptom of the compression syndrome is the pain felt on the front of the shoulder. Shoulder pain increases at nighttime rest. The pain is exacerbated by lifting the arm up. Over time, damage may progress and movement on the shoulder may develop.

In eclipse, x-rays are needed to see the bone, and ultrasound to analyze the soft tissues. Rarely, computerized tomography or MR may be required.

The most important method used for definite diagnosis is the diagnostic injection method. When the local anesthetic is injected, the pain is diminished and when the movement is relieved, the test is positive.

The shoulder compression syndrome has three phases. In the first phase, pain and anti-edema medications, cortisone and local anesthetic injections, exercise and prevention measures may be sufficient for treatment. In the second phase, structural changes in the tendon have begun. In this period, the first treatment is done again, if not useful surgery may be required. In the third stage, serious damage to bone and tendon develops. Treatment at this stage is usually a surgeon.

Cellular therapies developed in recent years can also be effective in the treatment of shoulder tendon injuries. The blood or bone marrow is injected with the damaged tendon under ultrasound guidance.

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