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Nerve blocks, one of the most commonly used methods of pain treatment, are also the most effective methods at the same time.

The breakdown of the painful spasmatic vicious cycle of the majority of spinal and joint diseases has a critical prescription. For example; pain in a patient with frozen shoulder pain is sometimes so severe that even when you touch the patient's arm, it feels severe pain. He will not let you move and move your arm. Therefore, in such patients, trying to open the arm with physical therapy further increases the contraction, the contraction increases the pain, and so the vicious cycle continues. However, if first the patient 's pain is cut off and the physical treatment is started, this pain - spasm will be removed from the vicious cycle and the patient will respond to physical therapy and stretching exercises.

Many of our patients with nerve blocks have a right to ask. Will not the pain come back after the drug's effect? No. The duration of pain control that occurs after local anesthetic drugs are applied to the nerve may continue for a very long time even after the effect of the medicine has passed, and may even provide permanent treatment.

It is usually necessary to perform nerve blocks under imaging. Especially when performed under ultrasound imaging, the risk decreases and the chance of success of treatment increases. In some cases, nerve blockage treatments can also be performed in conjunction with an x-ray machine called scopi.

Are there risks in the nerve blocks? The risk of nerve blockage is very low. Side effects such as diarrhea-related allergies, blood pressure reduction, heart rate drop, transfer, infection and temporary increase in pain are very rare.

Some of the nerve blockage treatments that we perform in our clinic are:

  • Occipital nerve blockage with ultrasound guidance: It is effective in resistant neck and headache and migraine treatment.
  • Blocking for supraorbital and trigeminal nerve branches in the presence of ultrasound: effective in resistant face neuralgia and migraine treatment.
  • Ultrasonographic paravertebral block: effective in the treatment of resistant back pain.
  • Intercostal block in the presence of ultrasound and scopi: Resistant to back, chest and shingles pain.
  • Brachial plexus block on ultrasound guidance: Resistant arm pain is effective in the treatment of complex regional pain syndrome.
  • Shoulder suprascapular nerve block: very effective in the treatment of shoulder pain.
  • Sciatic nerve blockage: It is effective in the treatment of leg pain and piriformis syndrome.
  • Tibial nerve blockage: Foot pain affects heel prick treatment.
  • TAP block: It is effective in the treatment of chronic pelvic pain (cornified lower abdominal pain).
  • Epidural blocks: It is effective in the treatment of waist and neck hernias.
  • Dorsal scapular nerve block: This nerve is affected in compression syndrome.
  • Lateral femoral cutaneous nerve block: Mareljia is effective in paresthetic treatment.
  • Femoral nerve blockage: Effective in leg pain.
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