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The result of the compression of the tibial nerve from the inside of the ankle to the inside and base of the foot is a discomfort to the character with burning pain on the inside of the foot and on the soles of the feet.

Bony protrusions on the inside of the ankle may develop due to ganglion cysts, tendon injuries, fracture - dislocation or nervous feeding disorders. Long-distance runners may experience tightness in the nerve as a result of the thickening of the muscle inside the foot.

The most important symptom is burning pain in the inner part of the foot. Muscle atrophy in the toe muscles can be seen in advanced cases. Tests of sensitivity and provocation tests on the inside of the foot are positive.

Methods for diagnosis are EMG and ultrasound. You may also need  MRI. EMG is checked to see if there is a disruption in the delivery of the tibial nerve. The slowing of nerve conduction is evident when compared to the healthy side in the presence of nerve impingement. With ultrasound, the diameter of the nerve, the structural state, the presence of a mass or a cystic mass that causes a nerve compression are investigated.

Some medications, physical therapies, tarsal tunnel injection with ultrasound guidance, and surgery as a last resort may be needed in treatment.


Dr. Ahmet SUMEN, MD - Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

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