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Arthritis is inflammation of the joint, swelling of a joint, painful condition resulting from inflammatory water accumulation. The causes of arthritis can vary. Rheumatic, metabolic, blood-related, traumatic causes can cause arthritis. Arthritis can develop in one or more joints at the same time.

In a patient with joint pain and swelling, the causes of joint inflammation should not be distinguished. This requires a careful and rigorous examination, x-ray, joint ultrasound, MR, joint fluid analysis and some blood tests. The most useful of these methods in the early period are joint ultrasound, joint fluid analysis and blood analysis.

One of the most important causes of a new onset inflammatory (monoarthritis) infection is infection. This is a very rare case that can be annoying for the patient. Apart from this, gut disease, traumatic stomatitis, inflammatory rheumatism and arthritis can also be a single joint inflammation.

Inflammatory rheumatisms such as Behcet's disease, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, drug reactions, infections, some types of cancer are examples of polyarthritis in multiple joints.

After definitive diagnosis of inflammation of the joint, treatment is passed. In treatment, rheumatic medicines, antibiotics, pain relievers can be used. It is important to drain the joint fluid and examine it with a microscope. It may be possible to achieve a rapid result by injecting some anti-inflammatory drugs into the joint. Rarely, surgery may be needed in the treatment of resistant and unexplained joint infections.


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