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The so-called disc, located between the bones in our vertebrae, acts as a damper, helping to evenly distribute the load on the vertebrae. The water content of the discs decreases with time, loses its flexibility. Tearing and tearing in the disc can occur with aging. It is called disk calcification which is caused by the wear of these discs.

The most important symptom of disk calcification is back pain. This pain usually increases with movement. There may be a waist arrest that does not exceed half an hour in the morning. Low back pain usually spreads to the hip. When the disease progresses, restriction of waist movement develops.

In treatment, it is necessary to take protective measures of the spine to slow the damage of the disc. Most importantly, exercises to strengthen the waist and abdominal muscles. Methods such as physical therapy, spa, massage can provide pain control for a period of time. It is useful to lose weight and do regular sports. Painkillers and rheumatoid medications also help reduce pain.

Interventional pain treatment modalities may be an appropriate option for patients whose pain can not be controlled by these methods. Intra-disc radiofrequency therapy can be effective in these methods. Imaging is inserted into the disc with a needle, alternating currents can be given by radio waves to reduce the pain caused by disc tissue.

Calcification is very advanced, some patients can not be under the control of pain can be applied to some surgical methods.

Methods used in the treatment of spinal calcification - degenerative disc disease in our clinic:

- Drug treatments

- Physical therapy and exercise program

- Acupuncture and kinesiological banding

- prolotherapy

- Manual therapy

- In-disc radiofrequency

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