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Bone Marrow Treatment joint injection


In the treatment of chronic musculoskeletal system problems, bone marrow stem cell therapy is one of the most recent and most effective stem cell treatments that have been investigated in recent years. In this regard, we have realized a province in our country.

Cellular therapies, as we know it, can be obtained from cancers, fat tissue or bone marrow. Bone marrow stem cell therapy is the preferred method for orthopedic discomforts and athlete injuries. It is an effective and safe method in the treatment of many chronic orthopedic painful conditions and in the treatment of tissue injuries in the athletes.

About 30-60 cc of bone marrow is removed from the pelvic bone under imaging or as blindness. Mesenchymal cells with healing properties are obtained by passing through special kits and disintegrating devices. These cells are injected into the damaged tissue under ultrasound guidance.

Bone marrow retrieval is generally a painless, comfortable procedure. Application can be made almost painless by local anesthesia at low dose. After application, it may be necessary to apply ice treatment to the treated area for a few days and use a painkiller such as paracetamol.

It is expected that the healing will be weeks, months. During this period, it is necessary to contribute to healing by exercising.

In which diseases does the bone marrow root cancer treatment take place?

Tendon and ligament injuries

Joint calcifications

Meniscus lesions

Heel height

Chronic tennis player elbow

Avascular necrosis

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