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Clinical neurophysiology is a branch of medicine that works to diagnose and treat disorders involving the muscular and nervous system. It is a common branch of physiatrists and neurologists. In particular, EMG is responsible for the nerve test, and for the treatment of EEG brain tests, interpretation, and, if possible, treatment with correct diagnosis.

EMG (Electromyography) is a gold standard in this world, which is used to diagnose peripheral nerve and muscle diseases. A number of electrodes are attached to the human body, and nerve conduction is measured by applying very mild electrical currents. Making an EMG test and interpreting its results requires very serious labor and knowledge. The most important reason for not achieving any result after withdrawing EMG repeatedly is to not have enough EMG techniques and to have inadequate knowledge about related diseases. Therefore, physiatrists who are specialized in the nervous, musculoskeletal, and musculoskeletal systems need to develop and acquire more knowledge and skills about EMG.

Some diseases that fall into the field of Clinical Neurophysiology include:

  • Polyneuropathies (nerve inflammations)
  • Nerve jams
  • Diabetic nerve damage
  • Nerve and muscle junction disorders (Myasteni)
  • Muscular diseases
  • Multiple Sclerosis
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