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Physiatry (physical medicine) is one of the main branches of medicine. Physical medicine in our country is known as physiatry in America. Bring authority and authority to the spine, nerve, muscular and skeletal system disorders. Peripheral nervous system, rheumatology, orthopedic disorders, pain treatment, athletic health, are subjects of interest. In order to be a physician in our country, firstly to finish the 6 year medical faculties; and then complete the 4-year Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation specialty successfully.

Interventional physiatry includes needle treatment in the treatment of related disorders. These treatments can be done in the guidance of ultrasound, nerve navigation and scoping devices as well as blinding. Injections made under imaging have proven to be more effective and safer.

A good physician should be familiar with both diagnostic and therapeutic methods. For this purpose, it should be able to know and apply diagnostic methods such as electromyography (EMG), joint ultrasound, and other imaging methods such as MR and x-ray.

Interventional physiatry is aimed at providing permanent treatment. Rehabilitation after acute treatment is very important because of the tendency of the musculoskeletal system disorders to recur. So the main purpose of physiatry  is to destroy the pain and try to improve the quality of life.

To sum up, a single authority with authority and authority, which offers the possibility of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation in physiatry, nervous, muscular and skeletal system disorders. Interventional physiatry  includes full-line injection therapy under imaging with accurate diagnosis.

Ahmet SUMEN , MD

İnterventional Physiatry 

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