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What are the causes of knee pain?

Knee aches have a wide range of causes. We can divide them into many groups. For example, according to the time of onset of pain, beginners are acute, and those who are 3 months or longer are chronic pain. The most important causes of acute knee pain include sports injuries, falls, meniscus tears, and joint rheumatism. The most important causes of chronic knee pain are the discomforts of the knee cover in young people and calcification in old ones. In middle age, we can count inflammatory rheumatisms.

Some causes of knee pain:

  • Knee lid problems
  • Knee osteoarthiritis
  • Meniscus tears
  • Inflammatory rheumatisms (such as gout, rheumatoid arthritis)
  • Bone edema
  • Avascular necrosis


What should be the treatment of knee osteoarthiritis?

First of all, I must say that. Expecting an excellent result with a single treatment can cause disappointment. Therefore, in the treatment of knee osteoarthiritis, a combined treatment schedule should be determined according to the age and condition of the patient; rehabilitation should be an indispensable part of this treatment.


These treatments,

  • Medicines (pain reliever, rheumatoid medicines, cartilage pills)
  • Joint injections, (HA, PRP, cortisone, LA, dextrose etc ...)
  • Physical methods (tens, hot, cold, treatment ultrasonics, manual therapy, spa, laser, exercise etc ...)
  • Orthosis and instrumentation
  • Prevention measures (to lose weight, not to knock too much, to strengthen the knee muscles)
  • Surgical
  • Injection methods are divided into two as inflammatory and healing.

As a result of evaluating with ultrasonography, if there is fluid and inflammation in the knee, we first inject this medicine and inject the inflammatory desiccant drug. Applying treatments such as string cartilage fluid or PRP while intravenously infused with inflammatory fluid reduces the chances of success of the treatment.

Among the healing treatments, hyaluronic acid (HA) treatment we have been practicing for about 15 years. Although we can not see the same result in every patient, it is still a method that protects its importance and value. It can be administered in single dose or in 3 doses. Very rarely, there is no significant side effect except mild allergic complaints.

PRP - stem cell therapy is a promising method in recent years. The patient's own blood is taken, 10-15 minutes of operation is performed, and the remaining part of the platelet and white blood cells is taken and injected into the patient's knee. A total of 3 doses are applied in the knee calcification. There is no serious side effect expected. Only after injection some patients may develop mild swelling and pain due to the reaction. This is followed by a few days of ice application and simple pain relievers.

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