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Today's modern medicine is trying to make treatment methods both more effective and less risky. For this purpose, especially in the treatment of problems such as waist neck hernias and canal narrowing, surgery has begun to be done with closed techniques which we endoscopically named.

The possibility of serious side effects such as infection in open surgery, nerve injury, postoperative adhesions is considerably reduced. As the duration of operation is shortened, side effects due to narcolepsy are diminishing. Because the area treated with surgery is a very small area, the recovery after surgery is much faster and the resting time and returning time to work are considerably shorter.

The results of closed surgery are as successful as other methods and are better than some other methods.

Of course, there are also negative aspects of this method. The biggest disadvantage is that it requires considerable experience. In addition, it is difficult to reach this technique at every hospital because special devices are required. The probability of recurrence after surgery is not worse than other methods (10%).


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