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X-ray and MR 

X-rays and magnetic resonance imaging (MR) are the most widely used diagnostic methods nowadays in diagnosing pain, involving the spine and other skeletal system in muscle, bone and joint problems. Although ultrasonography, which has developed in recent years, seems to take the place of X-ray and MR in the future in the future, we will use these imaging methods for a longer period of time because ultrasound requires a lot of experience and knowledge. 

We can also perform x-ray with the scopee device used in the interventional treatment in our clinic. We are also able to achieve results quickly by directing our MR patients to the MR center we are in agreement with. 

Magnetic Resonance (MR) advantages: 

  • MR does not contain radiation. There are computed tomography and x-ray radiation. There is no MR and ultrasound radiation. 
  • MR shows both soft tissue, such as muscle, tendon, and the inside of the bone. Tomography does not show good soft tissue. Tomography can be advantageous only when examining bone tissue. 
  • MR can be used as navigation in some interventional diagnoses and treatments. 

MR's negative aspects: 

  • It is an important question for people with indoor phobia. Open MR quality is not yet at the desired level. Open MR is quite expensive. 
  • MR is exaggerated. A minor problem in the MR can be perceived as a major problem. 
  • Those who are in the metal park in their body can not enter the MR. It's an important question for patients with heart palsy. 
  • It is not assertive about the physiological condition. Ultrasonic Doppler is more advantageous in showing inflammation. 

Advantages of X-rays: 

  • It is still the routine and most preferred method of imaging the bones and joints. Birth defects, congenital or acquired deformities help to diagnose many problems such as calcifications, bone growths. 
  • It is an important advantage that it is fast, cheap and easily accessible. 
  • Although experience is required, it can be interpreted by most physicians. 

Negative aspects of x-ray: 

  • It contains radiation. It is risky for pregnant women. 
  • It does not show soft tissues like muscles, tendons, ligaments. It is insufficient for joint cartilage. 
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