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Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

Ultrasound has been used by contemporary medicine specialists as a means of contemporary medicine in the diagnosis of musculoskeletal and rheumatological problems.

What are the advantages of Ultrasonics?

The great advantage of ultrasound is that the patient can be diagnosed at the outpatient clinic. This method, which is called "one-step treatment", also allows the patient to undergo examination, diagnosis and treatment from the doctor's examination for the first time. We also describe the treatment because, after diagnosing the disease with ultrasound, we can also treat the needle with ultrasound again at the same time.

  • Dynamic imaging with ultrasound; One of the most important advantages of ultrasonography over MR is to allow dynamic imaging. For example, when performing shoulder ultrasound, we can obtain different images from different positions of the arm. It is an important advantage that imaging by the clinician is done live by the doctor.
  • Ultrasound shows better inflammation. Thanks to the color doppler feature, joint and soft tissue inflammation can be distinguished very well by ultrasonography. At the onset of joint rheumatism, where blood tests may be normal, we can see and early detect joint inflammation with ultrasound.


  • It does not contain ultralase radiation. It is very useful to diagnose ultrasonographic joint and muscle aches in patients who are at risk for X-ray exposure due to radiation (eg in pregnancy).


  • Ultrason, guide features in interventional therapies. Ultrasonically constructed spine, joint and nerve injections are much more successful and safe. It is always more advantageous to inject on the screen.


In summary, muscle and joint ultrasound is a method that requires a great deal of effort and effort, and is a scientific and modern method that makes both the patient and the doctor smile when practiced in experienced and knowledgeable hands.

At our clinic, we occasionally organize courses to improve the knowledge and skills of other doctors about ultrasound. In many research and education hospitals, our assistants and specialist colleagues visit our clinic as observers.

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