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Pain management is a separate branch of medicine that requires many branches to work together, many branches intersect. There are similar approaches to branches such as interventional physiatry and regional anesthesia. In our country, pain treatment expertise was declared as a separate brans a few years ago. Physiatrists, anesthesiologists and neurology specialists can become algologists by receiving upper education in pain treatment. Other branches that are limited to pain therapy include brain neurosurgery, orthopedics and rheumatology.

The main purpose of pain treatment is to reduce or destroy the pain. Pain control is usually time-consuming, as it is often associated with diseases that are not a definitive solution. This painless period of time should be evaluated by the patient, and exercise and rehabilitation methods should be used to prevent recurrence of pain.

Subjects of interest in pain therapy include cancer pain, backbone and skeletal system pain, abdominal and groin pain, and tail intestinal pain. Because pain therapists do not have training for anesthesia for diagnosis, it is not right for anesthesiologists to directly examine and treat patients with musculoskeletal and rheumatic pain. The patient must first be evaluated by a physiatrist and given a definite diagnosis.

Nervous blockade is a commonly used method of pain management. Nerve blockade is based on the principle of temporarily disabling the nerve of the pain-causing area. Neuromuscular drugs, ultrasonic imaging devices such as nerve around the end of the treatment is provided by trying. In addition, some joint and soft tissue injections can be performed within the scope of pain treatment.

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İnterventional Physiatry

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