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Prolotherapy is the treatment of soft tissue injuries using injection. It targets the treatment of chronic musculoskeletal pain by injecting an irritant, usually a hyperosmolar dextrose solution. Injections lead to inflammation in the area, the body increases the blood and nutrient support to the region, resulting in tissue repair. Prolotherapy The doctor injects a sweetened or saline-based solution into the point where the damaged bond or tendon is joined to the bone. Injection causes inflammation, which increases blood flow, swelling and pain. The body then initiates the repair and healing process. The length of treatment sessions varies depending on the area treated. For example, treatment of a damaged elbow requires injection into only one area, while treatment of larger areas such as the neck or back requires more injection. Although only a few injections are made in elbow treatment, the number of injections required for a single treatment for the back rises to 50. The number of injections is wasted and the duration of treatment is extended. Treatment usually requires between 3 and 6 sessions at intervals of 1 or 3 weeks. Some practitioners leave 4 to 6 weeks of gaps between treatment sessions.

Benefits of Proloterapine

Prolotherapy has been used to treat chronic neck and back aches, arthritic joint stiffness, headache, fibromyalgia, sports injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome and partial tendon, ligament or cartilage tears. The main benefit of proloterapine is that it can be applied in a clinic and is a non-surgical procedure that protects the patient from anesthesia or long recovery periods after surgery. It's also cheaper than surgery. Furthermore, prolotherapy does not lose its ability to move, as it is in the operation of the neck where the vertebrae are fused together to create stability in the spine. Another benefit of prolotherapy is that the patient does not need to use medication. Patients are relieved of the cost and side effects of painkillers.

Prolotherapy Preparation

Analgesics and sedatives may be given before treatment to reduce discomfort. However, most patients do not want to use sedatives because they will prevent them from driving after the procedure. Many physicians use topical freezing sprays, ice cube bags or anesthetic creams to reduce skin sensitivity. In the hours before the procedure, plenty of water is recommended to the patient because this helps the cell hydration.

Proloterapide Considerations

As with all procedures, proloterapine has some risks. Patients are asked to sign a permit and a certificate of approval. Depending on the area being treated, there is a possibility of tearing in the arteries, nerves and even in the lungs, since the treatment requires the needle to be submerged in the body. Some patients may have an allergic reaction to the injected substance.

Side effects

The most common side effects include pain during injection followed by tenderness and stiffness. Patients are advised not to take anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen because these drugs prevent the healing process that prolotherapin intends to achieve.

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