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Rehabilitation means (re): again, (habil): being powerful means power. Rehabilitation, on the other hand, means re-empowerment and re-empowerment through the unification of these words. Medically, it is an area of science that includes all practices that will help to minimize the effects of congenital or acquired illness, disability, or disability in an individual, and to help return the best and most independent way to daily life with treatment.

Rehabilitation expertise continues to exist under the name of physical therapy and rehabilitation in our country. In order to become a rehabilitation specialist, it is necessary to take special education for 4 years after 6 years medical faculty.

Rehabilitation is a branch that requires collective work. The team leader is a physician specializing in physical therapy and rehabilitation. However, other branches such as rehabilitation nurse, physiotherapist, social worker, psychologist and neurology, orthopedics, urology etc. can also be included in this team.

The rehabilitation of spinal and musculoskeletal system diseases is carried out within similar principles. For example; treatment program, physiotherapy program, prevention measures, return to work process, psychological state rehabilitation specialist is performed after the operation of the patient who has had surgery or needle therapy for the spinal cord or after the surgery.

The rehabilitation program that will be initiated after acute treatment of spinal and joint problems is the most important factor that minimizes the need for recurrence inherent in these diseases. Surgery, needle or drug therapy ... If the treatment is applied, the probability of recurrence of these diseases increases significantly if a proper and quality rehabilitation program is not implemented after the application.

Some situations requiring rehabilitation:

  • Brain nerve paralysis
  • After all orthopedic surgeries
  • After all the spine surgeries
  • After injection treatment for waist and neck cannula
  • Joint calcifications After cardiac operations (cardiac rehabilitation)
  • Respiratory system disorders such as asthma and COPD
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