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In the treatment of chronic joint, nerve, muscle and tendon injuries, stem cell treatments have begun to be promising in recent years. Although the investigations are still going on, positive results have been shown in many researches. In stem cell therapies, the goal is to help heal tissue by injecting cells with healing properties into the damaged area. The expectation of true stem cell therapy is that the injected cells transform into the damaged cells in the damaged area, leading to tissue loss in that area. In particular, stem cell studies concerning the repair of damaged spinal cord sites in patients with spinal cord paralysis are still in progress and no definite result has been achieved.

What is a stem cell?

Autologous stem cell with the most correct expression; that is, one's own cells are returned to him by means of injection. These cells can be obtained in various forms. The embryonic stem cells, which are still controversial in the moral direction, stem cell treatments obtained from the cord blood of the baby in the mother's womb are out of position. Cellular therapies practically used in muscle and skeletal system disorders can be obtained from one's own blood, bone marrow, some nerve cells and fat tissue.

Practical cellular therapy:

  1. From its own blood (PRP)
  2. Bone marrow obtained (bone marrow stem cells)
  3. The lipid stem cells obtained from fatty tissue

Cellular therapies are natural and biological methods used for non-surgical treatment of joint, muscle and tendon problems. Apart from that, many areas have been used until the skin is regenerated and hair loss is healed. Thrombocytes from blood cells provide blood clotting. This is the growth and healing factors found in the platelets that provide it. These factors can help heal the damaged tissue.

The patient's blood, bone marrow or fat tissue can be used to prepare the cells.

Bone marrow and adipose tissue stem cell treatments are still new and are under investigation.

Cellular therapies are aimed not only for relieving pain but also for tissue healing. Tissue healing occurs within 4-6 weeks on average. Treatment is repeated 3 times, usually at intervals of 3-4 weeks.

Risks are very low in cellular treatments. After the treatment, it will be useful to apply ice to the area where it is resting and injected for a few days. Rarely, side effects such as inflammation increase, infection can occur.

It is not right to expect miracles from stem cell therapies alone in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders that are prone to recurrence and often without definitive treatment. With these treatments, exercise, physical therapy and rehabilitation must be done.

Diseases in which stem cell therapy is applied:

  • Joint calcification (most knee and hip joints)
  • Sportsman injuries (most meniscus, ligament and tendon injuries)
  • Tendon injuries such as chronic tennis elbow
  • Heel spur
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